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Native Restorations

Native Restorations is dedicated to providing eradication programs targeting non-native plants and trees, helping ensure the preservation of our natural bush, forest and wildlife. By providing long term biosecurity solutions in the Marlborough, Nelson and Tasman area they contribute to the restoration of our native environment.   

Here at Native Restorations our services are plant removal with fencing, maintenance and your all-in-one solution for combatting invasive plant species into a thriving, pest-free environment. Our dedicated team of experts specialise in pest plant removal, fencing services to protect and enhance the beauty of native ecosystems. 

Our fencing services serve as a vital defense against the spread of invasive species. With expert installation and high-quality materials, we create strong barriers that protect your native plants

and prevent further encroachment of unwanted vegetation.

Ecosystem restoration is at the core of our efforts. By removing invasive plant species, we aim to revitalise the natural habitats of native plants and wildlife, allowing them to thrive without

competition or disturbance. Our combined pest plant removal, fencing to create an environment where native flora can flourish undisturbed. 

Sustainability is a fundamental principle of our company. We employ eco-friendly practices in all aspects of our services, from pest plant removal to landscaping, ensuring minimal environmental

impact and promoting the long-term health of your ecosystem.

Preserving biodiversity is of utmost importance to us.  

Our team of professionals is dedicated and efficient in addressing all aspects of your pest plant removal, fencing, maintenance and landscaping needs. We take pride in delivering

outstanding results that exceed your expectations and contribute to the diversity and well-being of your environment. 

If you're seeking an all-encompassing solution to combat invasive plant species while transforming your landscape into a beautiful and pest-free sanctuary, Native Pest Plant Removal with Fencing, Maintenance in the Marlborough, Nelson or Tasman area Native Restoration is your go-to partner. Contact us today to embark on a journey toward a healthier, pest plant-free, and aesthetically pleasing ecosystem.


Together, we can make a significant impact in preserving our precious native flora and restoring thriving ecosystems.

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Native Restorations

Our Mission

At Native Restorations our mission is to create thriving and sustainable environments. 

By providing expert native pest plant removal services, meticulous replanting, efficient fencing solutions, and comprehensive maintenance services throughout the Marlborough and Tasman region. We are dedicated to safeguarding the delicate balance of ecosystems, restoring the natural beauty of our landscapes and preserving the biodiversity of our surroundings here in Marlborough. 

Our Commitment: At Native Restorations we are committed to eradicating invasive pest plants that threaten the health of native flora and fauna. Through eco-friendly and responsible practices, we work diligently to eliminate these harmful species, promoting the growth and regeneration of indigenous plants within Marlborough and Tasman areas. 

Meticulous Replanting: Our team of skilled professionals carefully selects and strategically reintroduces native plant species to enhance ecosystem resilience. By reestablishing these indigenous plants, we aim to foster a harmonious coexistence between nature and human habitats. 

Fencing Solutions: We provide high-quality fencing services to protect and safeguard natural areas, preventing the spread of invasive plants and preserving the integrity of native habitats. Our durable and sustainable fencing solutions contribute to long-term

ecological preservation. 

Comprehensive Maintenance: We believe in nurturing the environment beyond the removal and replanting process. Our dedicated maintenance services ensure the continuous health and prosperity of the restored areas. We work closely with clients to

implement sustainable maintenance plans tailored to each unique ecosystem within Blenheim, Picton, Nelson, Tasman and Kaikoura. 

Environmental Stewardship: At Native Restorations, we are passionate about environmental stewardship and educating our clients and communities about the importance of native plant conservation. We strive to foster a sense of responsibility towards the environment, inspiring individuals to make eco-conscious choices. 

Customer Satisfaction: We prioritise customer satisfaction and actively listen to our clients needs. Our responsive and reliable team delivers exceptional service, ensuring that every project is completed with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. 

Collaborative Partnerships: We actively seek collaborative partnerships with local conservation organisations, government agencies, and community groups to maximise our impact in restoring and preserving natural habitats. Together, we strive to create a positive difference in the environment we all share. 

Join us on our mission to protect and enhance our natural heritage for future generations. At Native Restorations, we take pride in our work as environmental stewards, striving for a world where pest plants are eliminated, native species flourish, and ecosystems thrive in harmony.

Native Restorations

Our Team

Here at Native Restorations we have a team of dedicated individuals, who are environmentally conscious and have a deep understanding of the native bush throughout the Marlborough Tasman region. 


Native Restorations Collection

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